Stewartfield Wedding // Mobile, AL Wedding Photographer // E + W

We sat down for coffee, and she giggled as she told me about about her fiancé West. The giggle and smiles match the excitement in her eyes. The excitement about becoming his wife, going on a life adventure - together, as one, and I knew they would have an amazing day because their day would be about them, which makes everything pretty much perfect. 

Married at Stewartfield on the campus of Springhill in Mobile, Alabama - Elyse + West started a whole new life. A life of togetherness, a life of choosing each other - always.

Pensacola Wedding Photographer // A + D


A smile spread across her face as she told me about David - he wasn't in town since he lived in Seattle, but boy, did he make her happy. Genuinely happy. They had spent the last several months, flying back and forth from Alabama to Seattle, WA to spend time together - the David decided that flying time was over, and put a ring on it - and I don't blame him. If you met Ashley, you would know that whoever she gave her heart to was one lucky guy. 

Their Pensacola Wedding was a day that had a perfect breeze blowing in from the ocean, but enough sunshine to feel the warmth. - What a day. It was them, and I loved every minute.

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Landrum's Country Wedding // Laurel, MS Wedding Photographer // M + P

This Mississippi lady married her best friend at Landrum's Country Homestead in Laurel Mississippi - and it was gorgeous. 

All the lovely, feminine details came together perfectly for a good time of celebration, dancing, and a whole lot of laughing.

Patrick first noticed Makenzie when they were just 18. Life and college caused them to loose touch, but little did they know fate would bring them right back together, and this time, Makenzie would take his last name. After their first date in 2014, Patrick and Makenzie were inseparable, and that's the way they plan to stay. Enjoy!

Bragg mitchell Wedding // Mobile Wedding Photographer // Anna + Clay

One of the go to places in Mobile, Alabama for weddings and receptions is the Bragg Mitchell Mansion. Anna + Clay chose the perfect venue for them - and this was it. Anna and Clay were all about having a day that was totally enjoyable for them, their family, and friends - and they nailed it. The day breezed by with such ease, gorgeous surroundings, and a bride whose eyes were lit with joy to become Mrs. Agee.

Cheers to adventures in Nashville and being a new wifey! - Enjoy!