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Little giggles escaped as Brittany told me how she and Josh met ... and how they were pretty much a perfect match. It's totally true. Brittany's heart completely belongs to Josh ... and his the same.

They opted for a beach wedding, here in Orange Beach, to celebrate with friends and family and become husand and wife. Vows were exchanged oceanside, followed by a candle lit reception on the beach. Everyone danced and celebrated as Brittany and Josh laughed and enjoyed the night they became husband and wife.


Beach Wedding [beach wedding photography]

Leah and Ricky were such an awesome couple to know, and work with. With a heart that genuinely searches the things of the Lord, and in turn, they know that through Him is the only way they can truly love each other. He (Jesus) is the only foundation that results in a lasting, loving, enjoyable, and fun marriage. Loving each other, as Christ loves the Church. 

The weather held out and we Leah and Ricky were able to have the beach wedding they had been planning for months ... and I am so honored to have been with them to photograph their wedding, just as they had planned.

Leah also gave Ricky's son a wedding band as a promise to love him whole-heartedly .... LOVE!!!

Beach Wedding Time!!! [beach wedding]

Dawn and I met one month before her beach wedding here in Orange Beach, as she shared her vision and her desires for the day I saw what an incredible heart she has. She wanted the day to be about them, and I couldn't agree more. 

Dawn thank you. I loved having the opportunity to meet you, hang out with you guys a bit, and I am flattered  you would allow me to photograph your wedding. 

Now, to check out that resort in Jamaica ;) -