3 MUST ASK Questions for your Wedding Photographer

I've been there - as a newly engaged gal, there are tons of lists out there providing ideas on questions to ask your potential wedding photographer. These lists can be very daunting … and let’s be honest, most of the questions on there are redundant and not that helpful. With this in mind, I wanted to suggest three questions that will help give you a better of idea of who the photographer is and a few tips on what to look for when looking at their work. 

1 // WHAT IS YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? NO, JUST KIDDING. :) HOW DOES A TYPICAL WEDDING DAY FLOR FOR YOU? It’s true that every wedding is different, but hearing how a wedding photographer works and what a typical wedding day looks like, will help you get a glimpse of their personality, and help you know what to possibly expect. If you have never been in the bridal seat before, knowing what to expect is the bees knees. 

2 // CAN I VIEW A PRINTED WEDDING ALBUM? Printed images and digital images look different. From coloring to lighting - things can vary. What might look super legit on Facebook might be kind of tragic when hanging on your wall in a frame. 

3 // CAN I HAVE ACCESS TO A FULL ONLINE WEDDING GALLERY? Seeing the full event, meaning every image, not an album, just helps you further have information to ensure you are making the right decision when it comes down to picking who you want as a wedding photographer. You want to know the only good images weren’t the ones in alum.

This list is just to get you started and help you know why asking certain questions can benefit you. There are definitely additional topics and questions to ensure are answered or addressed during a consultation with a potential wedding photographer. - But hands down the number one TIP when looking for a photographer is to enjoy them. Your wedding photographer will be with you most of the wedding day, so knowing they will not only be taking kick but photographs that you love, but also will be a great person to have around for your wedding is priceless.

4 Tips for AWESOME Engagement Photo's

Engagement Sessions are one of the things I love most about being a wedding photographer. Having your engagement photograph's taken by your wedding photographer adds so much to the bride & groom portrait session on your wedding day! - But that's another post for another day. Below are a few of the things I have learned and observed over the past few years of being a wedding photographer that yield not only more images, but quality images that the clients absolutely love. - Not to mention you will have oh so cute photographs to hang all over your house! :)


1 // MEET WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER IN PERSON // Or at the minimum set up a few minutes to FaceTime or Skype. Doing this makes for another level of comfortability on session day - and the more comfortable you guys are, the more you can be yourselves, and the more images your photographer can capture of you guys being you. 

2 // TIMING // Talk with the photographer about lighting and time of day. If you are wanting beach photographs with rich sky colors and turquoise waters, then 2pm might not be the ideal time to shoot. Also if you are wanting downtown or urban images, you don't want a harsh reflection of light off of the red brick building on your skin.

3 // WEAR MAKE-UP // This one's for the girls. If you can have your make-up done professionally, that's always a plus and will of course give you flawless skin (and who doesn't' love that?!). If not, chat with a friend who is into make-up and have them help you out. 

4 // ADD PERSONAL STYLE // You don't have to go overboard with props or get too Pintresty for your engagement session (Pinterest is great, but can be daunting). You can do good by adding a few things to your session that reflect you guys - getting personal is always a good thing! Whether it's a blanket from your couch you love, a cute hat, a stylish blazer (guys here), etc. The more personal, the better.

These are just a few of the many things I've learned while photographing couples. This little tips help my clients see more genuine images and the quantity of images is above par. If you can do these things, then you will be well on your way to making the absolute most of your engagement photography session.