Maternity Session // Mobile, Alabama Photographer

Baby bellies are just pretty awesome. I love when I have the chance to photograph an expecting mother, especially for her first child. I'm not sure when or how maternity photographs began, but it is definitely a milestone to be documented. To look back, and think about the time when the child was preparing to make it's debut, the anticipation of that time in life, the growth, the excitement - it's completely wonderfully amazing.

When this couple asked about setting up a maternity session, they knew they wanted to do a bon fire (although the wind blew smoke wherever we went! ha) - so that's what we did! 

Beautiful Belly

I'm sure I'm not along in thinking that pregnant women are amongst the most beautiful. From experience, I know when cooking a bun in the oven, you definitely don't feel all that pretty. I am a concrete pro life advocate, so I loved shooting Jamie & Brian's maternity session. I have known them for several years and was incredibly flattered when she sought me out to book a portrait session. They now live in Cincinnati, and just happened to be taking a vacay in Pensaola - so it worked out perfectly. Jamie, you are such a beauty and I can't wait to meet your new addition! Enjoy!