Heartbeat for Haiti

For many years, even before the earthquake, Haiti has held a signficant place in my heart. It wasn't until well after the earthquake that my husband and I took a team down to visit a home for children and see if this location was somewhere we could really connect with.

Our first couple of trips were pretty explorative in learning how things were done, what the needs where, and how to be more than a group of white people that come, hand them what they want, and back to our warm beds in America we go.

We go as often as possible, and as I type we are having two new water wells installed. The ones they had weren't deep enough to provide clean water, and so now the foundation and the community will have all the clean water they need!

Brining hope and meeting needs is a large part of what Freshly Bold does and stands for. Mission work intertwined with my business is how the structure for what I do came into existence. You can read a bit more here about that.

The video below is from March. My husband took a team down and this is a short video about the trip :) I haven't been since I was four months pregnant with Isaac, but hopefully I will be on the next adventure and get to hug my Haitian family in person.

Haiti March 2014 from Leslie Davis on Vimeo.