A Bit of Truth + Engagement Session

To say I haven't blogged, well, that would be an understatement. The truth is, I reached a degree of the ugly thing most people who work themselves are famaliar with, burnout. I almost feel guilty saying it. For a while, I felt reaching a stage of burnout (or admitting it) means you aren't grateful, but I've realized that isn't true. I am so grateful for the incredible clients I get to work with, and that I get to do something I love. 

For me, I've realized burnout comes from poor time management, and a bit of lack of reality. I was busier this year than last + a new momma too. It was a lot. I didn't take every photo session available, because honestly, I couldn't, and I knew that. I stayed on top of things in the office, but something had to go to reduce the stress and anxiety that was setting in due to the summer rush of weddings + family sessions + senior sessions I was experiencing. So something did. The blog. I had to let it be momentarily. 

A little secret? I thought working from a home office and having my little munchkin here would be much easier than it turns out. I'm OK with that. I've learned it takes adjusting, readjusting, and intentionally living and being the Jesus lover, wife, and mother I want to be. 

I'm starting to come out of the tunnel of summer and get things together for fall, meetings for 2014 clients, and just embracing all that is happening in my little man's world. So to jump back in, I wanted to share one of the funnest enagement sessions I've shot- you'll see why :) -