Orange Beach Wedding

Reagan & Tyler's beach wedding ceremony couldn't have been more of a perfect fit for the two of them. It was a gorgeous day, a nice ocean breeze blowing, and the sun was slightly hidden providing the perfect amount of shade. Reagan decided to kick it up a notch and dawned gorgeous florals mixed with peacock feathers [which I absoultey loved]

One of my favorite parts of wedding photography is watching couples laugh with each other, and the little things that are shared when others aren't paying attention. One of those things is the way Tyler always, even if only gone for a few moments, ensures Reagan knows he loves her with his words and actions. I think Tyler is pretty glad he went to the football game the night he wasn't supposed to go, because that's when everything changed, that's the night he met her. And now, she has his last name. 

Reagan & Tyler, thank you for believing in me and allowing me to be there with you as you said your vows and stepped into a new realm of life. Congratulations guys! Enjoy you're journey as Mr. & Mrs!