Hippie at Heart

I am a total hippie at heart who loves my yoga, ... can't you just smell the patchouli? :) Don't get me wrong - yes, I believe in taking showers and being clean - but I am talking about learning to do things a more natural way. We have started gardening in the past couple of years, and it's small, but it's ours. We love watching it grow and picking the produce. (this is the garden when we first planted, it's grown tons by now!)

We also have 11 fruit trees lining our property. A wide variety at that - pears, satsuma, peaches, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit and more. This will be the first year they really produce lots of yumminess - well, that is of course if the birds don't peck away at the fruit before it's picked. [one thing we have learned is birds will destroy your fruit, so ugly or not, gotta cover them up]

I also have a soft spot for essential oils. Of course the grade of oil makes all the difference in it's effectiveness. Theives by Young Living is THE BEST. Every house should have this. If my little man [Issac, who is 5 months] get's a runny nose or small cough, I just diffuse it in his room during naps and within two days it's gone.- This combined with pediatric chiropractic care has kept him off medicines for things such as acid reflux. - See told you I'm a hippie at heart, meds? no thanks. Give me herbs anyday.

 I love life, and love it even more when eating home-grown veggies and fruits and rubbing down with nature's oils .... but don't worry, I don't usually actually wear patchouli.