Ono Island Wedding, Ana & Reese

I won't tell you how Ono Island is amazing, again, but I will say Ana & Reese picked the perfect locale for the beach side wedding. A girl after my own heart with a love for driftwood and liking for the color yellow - I knew, as I was sitting across the table from her, whoever her fiance was, he was one lucky guy. 

Ana, I won't tell you how cute Silas is, because if he hears [or reads???] me he might say I know. But for real. He soooo is, and he makes the best looking Gorilla you've ever seen!

Reese, I commend you and Ana for picking up your lives and relocating, With a new house, new job and wedding thrown in I'm sure it hasn't been easy - but you guys are rocking it out, and now, as husand and wife.