Friday Funday + Senior Portrait Session

One of the things I love to do before a wedding is to get a manicure. See, I love having my nails done, and by done, I mean they are usually painted. I think this is becuase I always see my nails - when I shoot, when I type, when I drive, when I work out - if you think about it - you see your hands no matter what you do. So therefore, my philosophy is they should be prettied. Don't get me wrong. I love clean nails too - but I am such a color girl that a little color on my nails is just as fabulous in my book. So for today I am thinking a shade of mint green, perhaps with gold glitter on one. Pretty sounding, don't you think?!

Speaking of pretty, Ms. Rose is about to graduate! Such a genuine young lady - and beautiful at that. We shot her senior portriats in a small little town that has quite the character, and found a place that matched her personality. Good luck next year Rose!!!! You will be nothing short of fabulous!


When Mom is around I love to always grab a mother/daughter photograph! 
Rose's little champ came along for some special camera time .... although he freaked every click of the shutter! He made it though! and some great shots at that :)