To be Inspired

I love being inspired, and I also love when the inspiration turns into results. So I am pretty excited to be launching our new website and blog!!!! Seriously - it has taken some work, but I don't think I could be more excited about all of the updates and changes taking place here in my little world.

I have been holding onto a few things. Just waiting on our new look to be ready for show - and this engagement session is one of them. This engagement session is one I absolutely fell in love with. Alex & Rob share a mutual love for reading, so a library engagement session it was. 

With a June wedding on the horizon, I know the wedding will be full of personal touches, unique treasures, and books. Of course, while shooting their library engagement session we had to grab some shots with a very particular title: East of Eden. This little gem was just the beginning of another story - Alex & Rob's. *Enjoy!

Alex, you are absolutely stunning ...