Brittany & James, Hattiesburg Wedding at Souther Oaks

"They grow so fast" - such a endeared saying while growing up. I remember thinking, isn't that what we are supposed to do? Needless to say, as I age, I totally get it. As adults, we get so caught up in life that we look around, and 'insert name here' is X years old. Maybe that's my clue to slow down. - and that is another post.

I have known Brittany since she was born. Literally. Slumber parties, holidays, church plays, the works. Since Brittany lives in Mississippi it didn't cross my mind that she would possibly be interested in having my as her wedding photographer for her Hattiesburg wedding. I was wrong. And so glad indeed!

Brittany, you have grown into a beautiful young woman and have kept a gentleness about you in way that's unforgettable. Which, apparently James noticed :) ... I feel so honored (and a little teary) to have been your wedding photographer. Life will never be the same, but in a really really great way. I am excited for you and James, and would love some deer meat if he gets an extra one this year :0 .... love you bunches!!!!