One Special Lady, Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Today is the birthday of someone who is incredibly dear to me, Elizabeth McLain Goldman, aka, Lizzie.

Lizzie has worked with me as second photographer for a couple of years, and let me tell you, she is an exceptional person. You don't often find someone who trustworthy, takes ownership in what they do, and has the sense of humor found in Liz.

She was wed herself this year, and is now a wife. I have gotten to watch her grow in life and in business and am so incredibly grateful for her.

If you ever have a moment to ask Liz 'her story' - you will be left speechless. To know the preservation of the Lord over her and her life is one of the many reasons I know the Lord has great plans for this one.

Happy day you were born my Lizzie! May your day be full of cake, cookies, and all things chocolate. - Love you bunches!!! - Leslie

Shrimp Fest 2013

Every year we have a fun little event called The Srimp Festival. People come from all over Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and beyond to walk around and see crafts created by artisans from all walks of life, eat fried oreos, and have fresh squeezed lemonade in the warm Alabama sun.

Some of our friends come down from Conneticut every year during Shrimp Fest because ... well, the food is pretty dang good. Off we went with baby in tow and had a fun afternoon walking around, drinking old time rootbeer right from the keg and stuffing our face with all things fried. be jealous.

Isaac and his Poppa .... that little boy loves his grandparents!

Isaac's dad help keeping him cool ... that little one loves drinking water :)

Meet Isaac #2 ... down from Connecticut! They are only a week apart and sooooo dang cute!!

These fried oreos are way tastier than they sound ... believe me ... you would eat them too.


A Bit of Truth + Engagement Session

To say I haven't blogged, well, that would be an understatement. The truth is, I reached a degree of the ugly thing most people who work themselves are famaliar with, burnout. I almost feel guilty saying it. For a while, I felt reaching a stage of burnout (or admitting it) means you aren't grateful, but I've realized that isn't true. I am so grateful for the incredible clients I get to work with, and that I get to do something I love. 

For me, I've realized burnout comes from poor time management, and a bit of lack of reality. I was busier this year than last + a new momma too. It was a lot. I didn't take every photo session available, because honestly, I couldn't, and I knew that. I stayed on top of things in the office, but something had to go to reduce the stress and anxiety that was setting in due to the summer rush of weddings + family sessions + senior sessions I was experiencing. So something did. The blog. I had to let it be momentarily. 

A little secret? I thought working from a home office and having my little munchkin here would be much easier than it turns out. I'm OK with that. I've learned it takes adjusting, readjusting, and intentionally living and being the Jesus lover, wife, and mother I want to be. 

I'm starting to come out of the tunnel of summer and get things together for fall, meetings for 2014 clients, and just embracing all that is happening in my little man's world. So to jump back in, I wanted to share one of the funnest enagement sessions I've shot- you'll see why :) - 

Be Inspired! New Reads

I love being inspired by history, by books, art, other people, - by life. I was as excited as a kid at the fair with way too much cotton candy, when my new Mark Twain book arrived: Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc.

If you aren't overly familiar with Joan of Arc, she has an incredible place in history and definitely worth checking out. She is someone whose courage, heart, passion and integrity are inspiring, and sobering. To live during a point in history when things were at there darkest, and to literally be a light in the darkness is something that I admire in such a young lady. Maybe one day, my life, although it might not be written about in history books, will be one others will find inspiration in. Inspiration to be who they were created to be, and to do it boldly.