+ How do I set a budget for wedding photography?

This all depends on what's important to you and your fiancé. A lot of sites will give you percentages, but it really all depends as each person and wedding is different. There have been past clients with wedding budgets that photography coverage would have been considered a minimal percentage of the total budget, likewise I've had clients move around other items (band/venue/etc) to ensure they could hire us to photograph their wedding.

You want to remember that after the wedding day, nothing remains but the memories. So wedding photography and wedding videography are genuine investments that provide physical (and emotional) products (photos/video) years down the road, as well as right now.

+ Why do you place such importance on meeting us?

Because we place huge value on the relationships we build with people. We want to get to know you as people, not clients. It helps us tell a better story. That’s why we think it’s really important to catch up and ask each other questions.

You’ll learn about me, I'll learn about you, it’s all about building rapport. In our experience, that’s the most important element of a wedding day. It doesn’t matter if the weather isn’t great, or if you don’t have breathtaking backdrops, if you’re getting along with your videographer and photographer, you’re practically guaranteed great shots.

+ Can you recommend other local wedding vendors?

Planning a wedding can bring a lot of information, and so many options that you might not be sure which direction to go. When it comes to wedding vendors, I'm happy to share names of those I've worked with that have went above and beyond to ensure their clients were taken care of.

+ Will there be two wedding photographers on wedding day?

Absolutely! Saturday Wedding Collections include two photographers for every event.

+ Do you provide digital images of my wedding photographs?

Yes, all collections include edited, high resolution images for you, your family, and friends. We have a professional print lab for professional wedding prints, but you also are free to print where ever works best for you.

+ Do you travel for wedding photography?

Absolutely! Whether we need to gas up the car, or get out our passports we love to travel. Just ask us about our travel rates … they may just surprise you!

+ Where are you located?

I call Mobile, Alabama home but I love a good adventure. My lovely little office is in my home right outside of Orange Beach, Alabama. When it comes to weddings most of my clients are from Mobile, Fairhope, Daphne, and Pensacola. I also love to photograph beach weddings and events closer to the area, but I am happy to come to you where ever you may be :).

+ How do I know how long I need photography coverage for on my wedding day?

Every wedding is different. It also depends on what you would like to ensure is photographed. You want to consider what you want to have in five, ten, or twenty years, when you flip through your wedding album and re-live the day through your wedding images.

Most photography coverage begins with the bride getting ready for the wedding, and depending on how small/large the affair is, will depend on the length of coverage that suits you guys best. Some couples like the photographers to be there until they leave at the end, and some prefer only for an hour or two of wedding reception coverage. Most wedding collections can be tailored to ensure all the little moments are photographed and all your needs are met.